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Bobbin Comparison

The shop has both Magna Glide Delight bobbin in 40 wt Glide Thread and Magna Glide Classic bobbins in 60 wt thread available.

L and M Bobbins

The M size are larger but in the Delight Jars there is a total of 1210m of thread on 10 bobbins. The L size Jar has 20 bobbins with a total of 1320m. You can use L size in your M bobbin case!

The Magna Glide Classics are available in Boxes of 72 for the colours or 100 for the Black and White.

I also break down the boxes into Budget Packs of 24 bobbins in the non neutral colours. As the Classics are a 60wt thread an M size Budget pack contains 4872m of thread. The L size Budget pack contains 2880 metres of thread.

Just a little play with numbers after restocking the shop this morning!

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Product Highlight

The Grip Stop Dots are a sticky silicone circle 3/8″ in diameter. 35 in a pack for just $8 inc GST
Perfect for applique, since I dislike thimbles, stick one to my fingertip and reuse often.
Again used as thimble for EPP English Paper Piecing
Main use on the back of quilting rulers, place 2 or 3 where your fingers gently rest, while stitching the main part of a ruler straight or curve.
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Last Hours for the Sale on Threads & Bobbins

Original pricing will return on these sale items at 12.01am AEST on 1st September, so take advantage now.
Since there are not many quilt shows this year, we have decided to bring the specials to you.

For the month of August, current “in stock” inventory has been reduced on the following
Selected 5000m spools of GLIDE THREAD for just $12.00 incl
All 500yd spools of ALLURE 100% SILK at a crazy $12.00 incl

MAGNA GLIDE CLASSIC Bobbins – 60wt polyester pre-wound bobbins in packs of 24 (colours) and 25 (Black or White) in both L & M sizes
L size  (120-123m)  just $18.00 incl
M size (203-210m) just $25.00 incl

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NEW.. Newer… Newest…….

New Webhost .. The site has now migrated to secure webhosting so you may need to clear the cache of the old site. IT Support (hubby and son) instructs me to Hold Ctrl down then touch F5 so both are held down at the same time. That refreshes the browser. It will now show as a Https:// which they tell me is a secure site.

I have also added some new colours into stock. This Cool Grey 9 has been available in 1000m spools now also stocked in 5000m spools

Mulberry is now being stocked in 1000m spools

Lilac also being stocked in 1000m spools

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We are moving house …….

Well it is time to move house, so you may find it hard to go shopping until it is done.

The System Monkeys are working extremely hard in the back ground to get us set up in the new server, so please be patient while they are at work.

Hopefully by tomorrow morning, before you get up, it will be done.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this necessary change has caused you

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My Face Mask Pattern

Since I cannot post a PDF to my Facebook or Instagram pages I thought I would put it here, so that my family and friends could use it also.

This is a 4 layer mask with an opening for a filter product, should you choose to use one. Research says that using a higher thread count fabric is better, batik fabrics work well, silk is possibly good for the inner layers as softer on the skin too.

The size for “longer/wider” faced people could be adjusted by extended the centre section of the pattern both horizontally and vertically. Measure from the tip of your nose to the base of your chin, this pater will work for those less than 3″.

Covered nose wire, helps to keep the mask gaps free over the nose. Using 1″ strips cut from around a t-shirt make a soft tie for around the head. I use a loop around my neck and a tie at the top of the head. OR rather than a tie I thread the two ends of the tie through a bead and knot, then use the bead as a movable tightener.