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We will not be able to process any orders from 27th June through to 15th July 2019
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Quilt Designs for Feathered 5iever

Unfortunately the Artist Statement touring with Feathered 5iever has been totally confusing, so I thought I would share some of the design processes for the quilting of 5iever, while it trips to Sydney with hopefully a corrected label.

First photo taken on my phone and I knew the balance wasn’t correct and that start would need to be moved.
It wasn’t fitting with the swirl I envisioned, so reconstruction began
Moved and flow feels better, spiral idea starts to form
Then the idea of the secondary star came into play.
I wanted to feel the scale of the swirl, before I started quilting.  This was on the quilt top for quite a few  weeks until I got to start quilting.
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Feathered 5iever

Feathered 5iever my entry in Queensland Quilters Show for 2018 won Best of Show and is currently touring Australia.
This small photo of the binding shows the inserted triangles within the binding, all quilted on  my domestic machine after binding attached to the quilt and hand sewn to the back.  Sometimes it is the finer details of challenging yourself that bring the greatest rewards.

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New Beginnings

My website is slowly being pushed  into the next decade.  Bear with me while I work through the intricacies of using WordPress and WooCommerce.  Transferring the shop from its previous design source will take a while.  In the meantime welcome to the Australian home of Glide Threads – by HabandDash, APQS machines and the award winning quilter Lyn Crump.