My Life – In Stitches

Maybe I have what could be called a “restless hands syndrome”, although I was a very good pick –up-sticks player. Since I was very little I have always done some form of craft. Cross stich, Counted cross stich, Tapestry, Knitting, Sewing of Clothes, Lino Printing, Hand Embroidery THEN in 2001 I found Quilting.

All my other forms of craft have been relegated to the top shelf of the cupboard. My first quilting project was a King Size Drunkard’s Path, cut out with scissors from templates made out of an ice cream lid. Close to 200 quilt projects later, I now know that there are numerous aids to make quilting easier. I also think I may own most of them.

I did not want to make quilts with squares and triangles when I first started so many of my projects were with curves. What I couldn’t work out for myself, I found a book on and read up and then taught myself. With the use of foundations or quilting templates I now love working with small triangles and squares and perfect piecing.

I have also taken many classes with well known Australian and International tutors and now enjoy sharing my knowledge with fellow patchworkers. I was inspired after a class with Gloria Loughman in 2004 to do my own Free Motion Quilting, and since then have quilted all my own projects.

Since moving to Queensland in 2007 I have been fortunate enough to no longer work full time so devote a large part of every day to quilting. I purchased an APQS Longarm machine in 2008 and since then have found that the occupation of “quilter” sits well with me.  Two updated models of APQS machines later,  I now represent the APQS brand of machines within Australia. I welcome quilters to visit my studio and see the ease with which I “throw” my machine  around a quilt top and “scribble” with thread.  Don’t ask me to draw anything on paper!

Quilting has given me many rewards, my  need to challenge myself with my art has seen my constantly trying new ideas and stretching the boundaries of what could still be traditional quilts.  Since entering my first major quilt show in 2010 and winning an award I have entered numerous shows, both interstate and internationally, with some very prized ribbons now adorning the walls of my studio.

Bringing customer quilt tops to life with simple custom quilted ideas has become my passion. I am always ready to accept customer requests so please feel free to contact me should you think I  am the one to turn your top into a quilt.
Lyn Crump
Busy Quilting