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Threads, Threads, Thread and Bobbins Too

Since there are not many quilt shows this year, we have decided to bring some special to you.

For the month of August , current “in stock” inventory has been reduced on the following

Selected Glide 5000m spools of thread, choose the search by lowest price option

All ALLURE 500yds 100% pure silk thread

MAGNA GLIDE CLASSICS Bobbins in Budget Packs

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My Face Mask Pattern

Since I cannot post a PDF to my Facebook or Instagram pages I thought I would put it here, so that my family and friends could use it also.

This is a 4 layer mask with an opening for a filter product, should you choose to use one. Research says that using a higher thread count fabric is better, batik fabrics work well, silk is possibly good for the inner layers as softer on the skin too.

The size for “longer/wider” faced people could be adjusted by extended the centre section of the pattern both horizontally and vertically. Measure from the tip of your nose to the base of your chin, this pater will work for those less than 3″.

Covered nose wire, helps to keep the mask gaps free over the nose. Using 1″ strips cut from around a t-shirt make a soft tie for around the head. I use a loop around my neck and a tie at the top of the head. OR rather than a tie I thread the two ends of the tie through a bead and knot, then use the bead as a movable tightener.

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Sadly That time has come…..

Despite the best of intentions of ordering in mid March, those orders are somewhere between New York and Busy Quilting. Tracking of a parcel when it is on route to its destination is disheartening. Which means that sadly, some stock will no longer be appearing on the website….. That part of our current situation I have no control over. So that you do not get your hopes up of backordering, I am hiding them from stock until I have them physically back on the shelf.

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Are Cookies causing my troubles?

Not the edible kind…. these cornies made to great grannies recipe are a family favourite.

But it may be those customers experiencing issues putting things in the shopping cart have turned on “block all Cookies”, a reset of your device might be required.

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Sale – Overstocked

HELP….. Overstocked…. SALE ON NOW

I cannot take them all to Australian Machine Quilting Festival. The website is currently hosting a HUGE sale of 5000m spools of Glide Thread, only those currently in stock. I need to be able to fit more in the trailer and in the shop space. My loss is your gain. Once sold out in 5000m spools it will be stocked in 1000m spools, so always available.