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Glide 60 wt Thread

Glide 60wt thread is a finer Glide Thread without as much sheen as 40 wt thread. It is still a filament polyester thread, lint-free, giving great definition to small designs and tiny fills when quilting. It is also the same thread that is on the Magna Glide Classics pre-wound bobbins. These M class bobbins hold 203m of thread. I put my partially used ones in my sewing kits as they are excellent for applique, hand piecing and EPP. The small size and the magnetic core come in handy.

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Bobbin Comparison

The shop has both Magna Glide Delight bobbin in 40 wt Glide Thread and Magna Glide Classic bobbins in 60 wt thread available.

L and M Bobbins

The M size are larger but in the Delight Jars there is a total of 1210m of thread on 10 bobbins. The L size Jar has 20 bobbins with a total of 1320m. You can use L size in your M bobbin case!

The Magna Glide Classics are available in Boxes of 72 for the colours or 100 for the Black and White.

I also break down the boxes into Budget Packs of 24 bobbins in the non neutral colours. As the Classics are a 60wt thread an M size Budget pack contains 4872m of thread. The L size Budget pack contains 2880 metres of thread.

Just a little play with numbers after restocking the shop this morning!