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Lake Eyre Magic Moments

An early morning flight with our 10 year old grandson was a highlight of our recent trip outback.  This is the sunset the night before.
Sunrise after a 7am start  on a coolish morning in a 6 seater plane
We were fortunate to have cloud cover that provided some absolutely magical memories.
Lake Eyre North only fills after extreme rainfall thousands of kilometres away.  The devastating floods in Queensland in March flow inland and create this beauty.  Since the water is only 10cm or 4inches deep it is like glass.
The Lake Itself is 18metres below sea level so is very salty.  However 80% of Australia’s pelican population find their way to the northern parts where the fresh water flows in.  Flying at only 500 feet above the water and seeing the birdlife was an experience to remember, we were too fast for great bird shots!