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A week of Interviews.

It came as a surprise to me when a Website in the US asked to interview me following the success of Circling Sevenstar, at Houston Quilt Festival 2023. Over a series of emails a set of questions were sent my way, with the hope I could answer them and include some photos as well.

Despite having family visiting us, I made the time to organise myself, before the deadline I gave Lynn of Create Whimsy.

The final interview was released today and a link is attached. Real and insightful into me, as a “quilter and designer” – still doesn’t sit well with me – but I have been assured I should wear the title with pride.

Spotlight: Lyn Crump, Quilter – Create Whimsy

Now to prepare for another interview later this week with ABC Radio Brisbane – I initially thought they had approached the wrong person, then remembered that BEV 10-08 is coming to Brisbane next week, for the Quilt and Craft Fair, and could currently be considered the Best in Australia.