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My Face Mask Pattern

Since I cannot post a PDF to my Facebook or Instagram pages I thought I would put it here, so that my family and friends could use it also.

This is a 4 layer mask with an opening for a filter product, should you choose to use one. Research says that using a higher thread count fabric is better, batik fabrics work well, silk is possibly good for the inner layers as softer on the skin too.

The size for “longer/wider” faced people could be adjusted by extended the centre section of the pattern both horizontally and vertically. Measure from the tip of your nose to the base of your chin, this pater will work for those less than 3″.

Covered nose wire, helps to keep the mask gaps free over the nose. Using 1″ strips cut from around a t-shirt make a soft tie for around the head. I use a loop around my neck and a tie at the top of the head. OR rather than a tie I thread the two ends of the tie through a bead and knot, then use the bead as a movable tightener.